Corporate Events

(ˈɪvent: a single occurrence of a process, for example a successful evening)
A corporate quiz is a great night for team bonding, providing the convivial pub setting but with a competitive edge, and is also a natural ice breaker for any event where client entertaining may be required. Our quiz masters have the breadth of experience that allows us to appreciate the slightly different dynamics that each night will need and the types of questions to which audiences will respond best - and it's what has kept customers coming back to us since our first year of business. We’re well practised at hosting quizzes for any size of group from 12 to 200, and our quiz masters can also create and deliver a themed quiz or tailored questions to suit you.

Quiz Content

(ˈtɒpɪk: the types of questions and subjects our quiz masters will cover)
We cover a multitude of categories, catering to all levels of difficulty.
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Art & Culture

Multitude of categories
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Convivial Hosts & Masters


Differing levels of difficulty
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Support themed events


Cater up to 200 competitors
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We work in Surrey & London
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Residencies & one off's

Client Testimonials

(ˈtestɪmoʊniəl: a formal statement testifying to a quiz master’s character and qualifications)
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